Perfect Packers Intl.

Perfect Packers International is a division of Perfect Packers based out of Burlington, Ontario. We specialize in international moves, and will make sure that your relocation goes as smootly and safely as possible.

Our Service includes:   

  • Professional export packing, wrapping with the highest quality of packing material
  • Shipment tracking
  • On-site loading of sea containers
  • Custom crating, air crates, lift vans and carton forwarding
  • Assist with foreign documentation and preparing inventories and custom paperwork at origin

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Charity Work

Warehouse and Storage

How are goods stored?
Your goods are padded, wrapped and stored in a pallet (a large, enclosed crate) in our climate controlled warehouse conveniently located in Burlington. We do not store any dangerous goods including firearms, flammables, explosives or corrosives. If you are not sure whether something can be stored or not, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members and they will be glad to assist you.

Isn't it more cost effective to store goods in a storage facility that I can access any time? 
At Perfect Packers, access to your goods is just a phone call away. Our warehouse is fully insured and routinely maintained. We have regular inspections by the fire department to ensure your goods are safe unlike a self-store facility. A self-store facility, although considered more cost effective are in fact not. They are not usually climate controlled and therefore your goods could possibly sustain damage from the fluctuations in both temperature and humidity.

How are my goods protected in a storage facility?
Your goods are not only padded and wrapped, they are placed inside a pallet (a large, enclosed crate) to ensure your shipment stays together and is thoroughly protected. As well Perfect Packers insures the warehouse in addition to any insurance you may already have.